Amenities at West Hills Health and RehabAt West Hills Health and Rehab our staff goes above and beyond to deliver warm, personal care in a family-like environment.

Our compassion is expressed both by how care is delivered by our staff and how we present and maintain our building and programs.

WE strive for pleasing surroundings –

  • with bathrooms in each room decorated in muted colors with quality lighting

WE strive for comfort –

  • by encouraging residents to bring personal items to create a home-like environment

WE strive for natural beauty –

  • with seasonal updating of our outside flower beds and fresh flowers and plants in our inside public spaces

WE strive to keep people connected –

  • with wireless “hot spots” and flat screen televisions
  • with our “It’s Never 2 Late” technology program, we move touch screen computers/monitors on carts throughout the building, allowing for sharing videos of grandchildren, images of progress in rehabilitation, even the ability to talk with family via Skpe!

We embrace what is new when it adds enjoyment and encouragement for our residents!